Sports Nutrition

Enhance athletic performance by ensuring that all your nutrition and hydration needs are met and that you have reached your ideal weight for your sport. Often fueling needs change depending on whether you are on or off season, training vs. competing and have any health risks.  Read More →

Weight Management

Losing weight doesn’t have to be about eating salads or sandwiches or restrictive eating. Eat 2 Perform works with clients to find solutions that work for their busy lifestyles. Read More →


Weekly yoga, runs, pilates, pick-up basketball or soccer games getting to you? Do you struggle with your energy levels? It could be that you are missing something. Read More →

Corporate Wellness

Many offices in the Bay Area offer a range of perks to their employees: from dry cleaning and day-care to full cafeterias. The smartest companies are committed to their teams’ well-being, and know that it starts with basic nutrition. Read More →